Sunday, April 22, 2012

Dear clip in shoes....

You are new to me! I tried you on and fell the first 2 times I tried to stop~
I did ok the next few times! I went on my first ride with you on Sunday, 14 miles and did fine. I am glad that my awesome brother in law had you for me to use and the pedals too! (Thanks Kelly)
I am still nervous and hoping to get use to you soon so that I can ride more often and become more efficient!
Still fearful of attaching myself to a bicycle :)

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  1. Here is a secret... I LOVE my cycle shoes (with clips) and they totally changed by cycle class world!! However... I am so super scared to actually commit to a road bike because I am scared that I won't be able to 'clip out' and I'll end up falling. lol. Plus bikes are expensive. But one day I think I'll get the nerve to get outside with my cycling. One Day... :-)