Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I just need a kick in the butt ~ Today was that day. The beginning of the week was one of the roughest I have had in a long time. Work was so incredibly frustrating, I cried more times that day than I care to admit. I started the day feeling down and ended it feeling even worse. I think I have been having a pity party lately. I did not originally see it as that because it has felt as heavy as the earth on my chest. I have struggled to motivate and struggled even harder to want to get out of my bed or not crawl right back in it the moment I step foot in the front door. Some days I have failed at this, some days I have succeeded~ Today I was gently reminded that I have something more in me than to sit here and watch my life pass by while I wallow in sadness...There is a world out there to see, people to spend more time with, a life to live to the fullest ~ Sometimes a little "tough love" in the kindest of ways is all one needs to be reminded of what they are missing...
Andy, Thank you for your gentle reminders ~ I needed it more than you can ever know....

Friday, February 8, 2013

Sunday, February 3, 2013


So a few months ago I heard about influenster from Ruthy (fellow blogger and friend, she has disabled her blog for now while finishing up school, but I will link it when she returns).
Infuenster is a site that you can sign up for and randomly they choose people and send items to sample and review. I was not sure I would ever be chosen but to my surprise I was!
 This is the fun box I received...

Kiss nails~ I don't usually put stuff on my fingernails since it always comes off but I decided to try this.  I just put them on today and application was easy, I will update with how long they last.  It says up to 10 days.

I love this brush!
Nothing ever has worked with being able to curl my hair while I blowdry so I was really hoping this would work,  but it doesn't.  However, it is a great brush and I love the blue spongy things.  When the brush is cleaned out I think it helps maintain fly-aways.

The oatmeal was delicious.  It is fairly high in calories for a small breakfast snack but when you're in a hurry and hungry it does the trick.  And it was yummy!

I did not use this coupon to buy any shoes, but the shoes on the website looked cute and were good prices.
This stuff was not so good~ It tasted like cough syrup and was hard to chug down. I had high hopes for it.  I do not think it made me feel any more energetic.  Bummer!
OMG, I LOVED this mask!!! I don't really use masks ~ but this felt great.  Once you apply it you leave it on for about 10 minutes and then wash it off, and instantly my face felt tighter and smooth.  I never had any skin reactions or breakouts from using it.  I just love it and hope to find it on the shelves locally so that I can buy some!

A few weeks later they sent me an additional package containing this book~
I have yet to read it since I have been reading another large book and have more homework these days, but I will review when I do get to reading it! ** I started it and am about 30 pages in, so far so good!