Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Don't tell anyone!
But there is this really cool secret place that, sadly, I just discovered this year....You can get free books (cookbooks too), music, AND movies.... It is called "The Library"!  :)
Yes, I really just got my first library card as an adult about 6 months ago.  Now I use it ALL THE TIME!
I log on and put things on hold then pick them up about a day later!
If you have not been recently you should go!! They have tons of great music now too!!
Have you found any great finds at the Library?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy Birthday to my beautiful sister!

Happy Birthday Brooke!
I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!
Thank you for being such an amazing sister~ I want to Thank You for supporting me in my life for all these years, even when at times I am sure you were questioning my decisions~ You have always supported me no matter what and that means so much to me.
I am so very lucky to have you as my sister!
I love you!
Happy Birthday!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

....Fall is for hiking....

It may be my favorite time of year~
Utah is such a beautiful place too so I am sure that makes Fall even better!
My friend Rachelle and I hiked up to Lake Blanch a few weeks ago and no lie, my legs were sore for a week! It was about 4 and a half hours round trip~ It was amazing! What a beautiful new discovery!
I hope to make it up there at least one more time before it is covered in feet of snow....
Happy Fall!

Thursday, October 4, 2012


My computer crashed a few weeks ago so I haven't had a way to upload photos for blogging lately. Luckily, the day before the big beast went down I purchased a laptop for school~ I will blog more soon when I have time to take some photos and upload them to the new computer! For now, a pinterest quote!
I hope you are having an amazing October so far! I LOVE FALL!!