Tuesday, May 14, 2013

As another Mother's Day passes by...

My mom is still such a large part of my life. I find her in my beautiful sister and her family, I find her in my wonderful friends, I find her in my new love. Her memory and influence lives inside of my heart so strongly that I still often forget that she really is not physically here any more. This Mother's Day was spent with the people I love, spanning a few days filled with amazing thoughts, comments, flowers and tremendous support.
(A special message to my amazing friend Jody who lost her mom about a month ago, Jody I want you to know that she is watching over you, she is so proud of the beautiful person that you are and always have been, I love you sweet friend.)
Last week I took two finals for school and I was so worried and nervous about how I did on the tests and in the classes. I awoke this morning to find an email from one professor letting me know I did well on the test (97) and had the most points overall of anyone in the class~ I cannot tell you how happy that made me. But even more so was how happy others in my life are for me. My family and friends are so supportive and proud and that means the world. My best friend sent me a reminder of how proud my mom would be of me too, oh how I wish I could share this with her. But I suppose in many ways I do.
My gifts in this life are the amazing people I am surrounded by and so very blessed to know. And all of it started and continues because of my beautiful mom and the amazing woman she was.