Monday, April 30, 2012

Brain Cancer Month ~

May is brain cancer awareness month~
As you may or may not know, my beautiful mom, Rena, died from this horrible cancer in August of 2009.
I want to do anything possible to help in finding a cure for brain cancer.
When someone you love dies from something like this it makes you want to do something more, something to help prevent this from happening to other people. You feel like your hands are tied, you feel so helpless. So when this walk was brought to my attention I was very happy to know that there is something, even something small, that we can be a part of to help fight brain cancer.
There is a walk scheduled in Utah on Memorial Day, my family and friends and I will be walking that day in hopes to raise more awareness.
If you are able to walk with us that would be great~ If not, there is the option to donate to our team!
Our team name is Rena's Dragonflies~ If you click the link to sign up or to donate please be sure to donate to our team~ And together, hopefully we can help in this fight!
It is a devastating cancer that takes the lives of many people way to soon!
Thank you for your support! Please don't worry if you cannot donate, I just wanted to help get the word out about brain cancer and this walk. There are walks in other states as well if you would like to walk in another city. The website has other walks listed on the home page!

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  1. I am happy to be a small part of this by donating to your team. We had a young lady in our church die from this about 6 years ago. You are right - we need to do whatever can to help.