Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A weekend of cooking...

It started off on Friday night and my first attempt at making homemade meatballs~
I am proud to say that they turned out pretty good!
Sadly I only got pictures of them before they were cooked~
My kitchen actually looks like place that things are cooked rather than just opened and microwaved like it use to :) I don't think I have ever had 3 pots and pans on the stove at once! :)
Here are a few pictures!


  1. cute kitchen and they look really good fall/winter makes me want to cook more :)

  2. I love what your friends did with your kitchen. I don't think I have ever made my own meatballs. My husband is a vegetarian so I try not to cook meat often but I do love eating meatballs.

  3. WooHoo! I love homemade meatballs!! Don't ya just love love love cooking in your *new kitchen!! ;-)

  4. Your kitchen looks so warm and welcoming. It's so wonderful. :)