Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Almost 35 years...

I know November sparks gratitude in so many of us because of Thanksgiving, I hope that I show gratitude in my life on a more regular basis...
A new goal for me is to be certain I am consciously grateful every day~
This month I will incorporate some specific gratitude posts~
'Tis the season! :) It will make me appreciate the oncoming Winter even more...
I am grateful for~
The nearly 35 years that I got to spend with this woman walking beside me as my mother....
And I will be grateful today and the rest of my that I was lucky enough to be her daughter...


  1. I have been enjoying the gratitude posts I have been reading. Sometimes I feel that I don't stop and think about things I am grateful for and I should probably show my gratitude more often. I cannot wait to read what else you are grateful for.

  2. Love that picture from the back side with her arm around you....there's something so special about that!

  3. Beautiful pictures. I love reading about the memories of your mother.

  4. What a beautiful post <3
    And those photos are so lovely
    Cheray xxx