Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hello November....

I am taking a vow to enjoy you and the Winter months that follow~
I will try so hard not to complain about the snow and the cold...
I will enjoy the down time and the time for movies and hot chocolate and blankets and Uggs and sweaters and dinners indoors with family and friends.
I don't always welcome the late Fall and Winter with open arms like I do with Spring and Summer, but it is a goal of mine to find more things to enjoy about the Winter!
Happy November!
I would love it if you would share with me your favorite things about Winter!!


  1. Would you be interested in guest blogging? I'm going with a Christmas/winter theme the whole month of December and just asking people to have submissions to me by November 30? Let me know! alovelylittleworld@yahoo.com

  2. I like fires in the fireplace and curling up to read a good book! I love watching the snow fall - as long as I don't have to drive in it! I also like basketball - we are a basketball family!

  3. What a great reminder. The Fall and Winter seem to go by so much slower, we really should relish in those long and quiet times.
    My favorite thing about the fall/winter would have to be the food. I love the comfort of warm soup and hot apple cider!

  4. I like cozy sweaters and warm hoodies. Cuddling up under a mass of blankets in bed. Yummy soups and stews. Homemade goodies (because it's always better to bake in the winter. Makes the house warm and smells good.) and hot drinks. I love fall and winter time. I miss the change of seasons in UT. Here we go from hot summer to cold winter. There's not much of a transition sometimes.

  5. My favourite things about winter (apart from the lovely cold weather <-- i'm one of those weird people that loves the cold! hehe) are being able to wear lots and lots of layers including my lovely coats (that don't get much use here in Australia!), toasted marshmallows & hot chocolate dates with my girlfriends, & walking puppy early in the morning and having the cold air sting with every breath! <3
    ahhh how I wish it wasn't going into summer right now! I miss the cold
    Cheray x