Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My first stuffed peppers~

Thanks to my awesome fellow blogger ~ Jen ~ sharing her recipe on her blog I decided I would give it a try and they were delicious!
Her recipe is on her blog a few posts back (I am having issues trying to link to it).
I used ground beef instead of Turkey because that is what I had and only 1 tsp of cayenne because I am chicken about making things too hot. I think I will mix sausage in next time for an extra kick ~ And I did add the sweet potato YUM!
Here are some pictures of the steps along the way~


  1. So Delicious, right?!?! Sausage would be fantastic! I wonder how soyrizo (soy chorizo) would be in it??? Hmmm... I love playing with food! ;-)

  2. MMM. I love stuffed peppers. YUM!

  3. I love stuffed peppers! My mom always made them when we were little. Good work!