Friday, November 4, 2011

I'm falling more in love...

with my kitchen!
Another post of extreme gratitude for my friends who took the time to make over my kitchen while in was in Europe in late Spring~
I never knew it could become my favorite room in the house.
Where I can sit and write at the island...
Create meals for my family and friends and have everyone over more...
Where I can enjoy the simple smell of coffee in the mornings...
Where I sat morning and night doing physical therapy exercises for my hand, while propping a book on a plate stand and reading amazing stories...
It is such a warm and welcoming space given to me with so much love, I will forever be grateful!


  1. The best part about your kitchen...... is you!

  2. I love the color on the walls....thinking about doing something drastic to my kitchen, like maybe paint the walls bright yellow or orange!

  3. YAY kitchen! My dream house will definitely have an awesome kitchen. It's great to have a nice space to entertain and enjoy those simple things like a cup of coffee. YUM!