Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kahuna boards...

This is a little break from the travel posts~(1500 photos has been harder to go through than I thought, I will continue travel posts soon!).
Last summer I fell in love with Stand Up Paddle Boarding~ Now that it is warm again I have been wanting to get back on a board so last weekend I volunteered at a race for the Utah Summer Games, it was a blast to be up at the lake watching about 50 paddle boarders compete.
It was entry level to extremely experienced riders~
After the race I was able to test ride some boards. I can't yet afford to buy one or, I suppose, justify that purchase yet but while I was there I got to test long boards and land paddles from Kahuna Creations ~ I ran home and bought one. I took it to the park tonight and I knew it was a good purchase for me! I loved riding it!
Cheers to another healthy new obsession!

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