Thursday, June 16, 2011

Home renovation surprise!

Here is an awesome video of the home renovation that happened while I was gone, and at the end it is followed up with my reaction when I can home after being awake and traveling for 30 hours. I had a 4 hour layover that was followed up with a 5 hour flight delay so my midnight arrival turned into 5:00am!
This video is so amazing! I love it!
How in the world I got so lucky to have these amazing friends, I will never know....
Thank you again guys!


  1. Ok, I have to admit...I watched the whole thing. lol What an amazing, wonderful, awesome surprise!!! Those are some AWESOME friends, girl! I'm so happy you have friends like that! Woohoo!!!!

  2. I hope your trip was wonderful!! I'm so impressed with your sweet friends. I hope it make you feel loved. Life really is about the relationships we keep. I'm learning that more and more! :)

  3. Wow - what a fantastic job they did! If they weren't so far away, I'd be calling the "drabtofab" squad for myself!!

    (P.S....It was fun getting to see/hear your reaction. Even though we have never "met" I now feel like I know you! :)

  4. That was too cool! What awesome friends you have! I can see the "gays" in UTah are as cool as the "gays" in Texas! Ha! So glad we got to see your reaction.