Tuesday, June 14, 2011

11 things...

Travel photo challenge!
Before I left on my trip my friends and I gave each other a photo challenge. I was going to Europe, they were going to Hawaii.
We chose 11 things that we had to try and take a photo of.
Here are my 11 things...
1st ~ Door lock
(self explanatory)

2nd ~ Your name
This stood out to me since my nicknames are Tiffers and Tifferoneous

3rd ~ Kids
Yea, just some kids in England, they seem like classmates of Harry Potter.

4th ~ Shoes
I took this really quick while I was having dinner, the red shoes just grabbed my eye and I snapped the shot.

5th ~ Self Portrait

I only got this photo of myself taken by myself, I thought about some other ideas but never ended up doing any so this will have to do~

6th ~ Stars
Can't get any bigger of a star than The Pope!

7th ~ Local Favorite ~
Wine and Olive Oil, more on this later!

8th ~ Hawaiian for me (Italian for them)
Gotta love Pineapple!

9th ~ BIG
This was taken from miles away, it really is so big!

10th ~ little
This car is so tiny! Smaller than a smart car!

11th ~ Cute guy :)
I took this for the outfit, but it ended up working for the challenge too, he has nice eyes!


  1. How fun!!! I love that you and your friends did this!!! Don't they have the tiniest little cars over there??? They're so cute! haha!