Saturday, July 2, 2011

2 years~

2 years ago this day my whole world crashed down around me~
It was July 2nd 2009 that we found out the news of my moms cancerous brain tumors. She was checked into the hospital that night and never made it back home.
It still feels so strange to me that all of this happened and the reality is that my mom is gone and will never be back. I think sometimes our brains and hearts forget that part. I suppose that is how we can continue to go on.
I know that she lives inside me, and my family and that she is thought about, loved and missed every moment of every day.
This time of year is hard for me. The 4th of July weekend means so much more than fireworks, it marks the beginning of the most devastating time in my life.
I will go to my friends home for a BBQ and fireworks and I will be surrounded by family and friends and I will be happy and feel lucky to be there~
But my heart will ache for what is missing from my life ~
My beautiful mom~


  1. I hope for you the best wishes this 4th <3 Much love!

  2. My best wishes to you this 4th <3 Much love!

  3. I feel your heartache and pain. I completely agree with how you describe how our 'brains and hearts forget the past'... it feels like a blip of nothingness in the long stream of our lives. Know that I am thinking of you. And sending you my love.

  4. It is wonderful how much you love your mother. I hope my daughter's will love me with that much passion. Thinking of you today!