Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ran my first 5K this morning

alongside one of my very best friends on earth...

I'm on the left with the braids and Heather is on the right.
We decided about 2 weeks ago to start the Couch to 5K program. We have completed about 4 weeks worth of the runs in just two weeks. We signed up for this run, not knowing how much of it we would actually run, but we ran most of it. A few walk breaks but mostly we ran...and it felt AWESOME!! We did it in about 33 minutes.
I am so proud of Heather! She sets her mind on something and she does it.
I am very grateful to have her as my friend....
21 plus years and counting!
(sorry for the I-phone photos but it is all we had)....


  1. You are truly such an inspiration. I love reading all of these posts where you try new things and really live adventurously. Way To Go!!!

  2. Wow - impressive!! I've just started taking up walking/running. Don't think I could do a 5K yet, but who knows? maybe someday!