Sunday, November 21, 2010

2nd 5k down...

Heather and I completed our second 5K yesterday! It feels great!
We started the couch to 5K program on Halloween day, 3 weeks ago. We have completed week 6 of the program in just 3 weeks. I think we are addicted to running!
There are not many more scheduled runs through the end of the year here in Utah, due to the weather I suppose, but we are now on the lookout for awesome runs next year. It is so exciting and fun to have someone to run with and keep you motivated!
We have found some really fun runs in 2011 that we are so excited for. I will have to post more about them as we do them!
It feels good to be able to say...
I am a runner!

***On a side note, does anyone know how to set up a fund raising run??***
I have a few ideas and I need some help in knowing how to set them up! ~ Thank you!


  1. Wow - you are quite the running machine!! I am trying to get motivated myself....maybe this will be just the thing to do it.

    I have never done a fund raising run, but I will ask a friend who has and try to get back to you.
    I have done other fund raisers (like a golf tournament) and it seems like give-aways help attract people - like gift cards or some nice prizes like that.

  2. I am sooo jealous... I want to be a runner again. Running a 5K is a goal of mine. I know I'll do it one day (just not today. lol)
    So excited for you!!

  3. Congrats! That's a great accomplishment.

  4. The Moab 1/2 marathon in Beautiful. I believe regitration is the end of this month. I have done it twice with my mom and sister. It is amazing.

  5. that's awesome. major kudos to you both, theres NO way I could do it! i have a friend here in jax that runs too (and a lot). I guess it is pretty addictive, but a good thing to get addicted to!

  6. Here are a few suggestions my friend had when I asked him about his 5k run.

    1. Contact a local running store (the closest one to you) – Big River Running, Fleet Feet, The Running Center (etc.) Look on their web sites. It might look overwhelming but has some really great information.

    2. Check local running websites to make sure your event does not conflict with another local marathon or another fundraising run. Give yourself 6 months to plan the race and get the word out.

    3. Try to get some sponsors because you will probably need to have about $1,000.00 to purchase supplies, do PR, make up flyers/posters and make your initial t-shirt order. (you should be able to recoup this money)

    4. Talk to your friends, etc., to test the interest level as soon as you have a race date, a brief description of the event and a clear definition of the cause.

    5. Set your entry fee based on a goal of how much you want to raise plus your expenses.

    Hope these tips are helpful! Good luck!!