Monday, June 25, 2012


I wish there was a way to properly articulate the experience that is called...RAGNAR~
A race with 12 people on a team, 2 vans, (2 drivers if you are smart and lucky) and 197 miles ahead of you...Wow!!! What an incredible experience.
I will just post some photos since the words I am coming up with will not do it justice.
I was so depressed on Sunday after the race was over, it was the strangest thing!

Van 1 girls at the starting line...
Our team number 830 ~ and name~ Party Fowl!
Our van!
Waiting for Courtney to pass the wrist band to me...
Ragnar Tattoos~
The support of your team when you are running~It was Courtney's leg~ Pink shirt and hat!
This was the only time our van ran together aside from when we crossed the finish line in our bird costumes.
(Heather, me, Susie, Eleanor, Courtney and Katie) ~ We are all signed up and ready for next year!
Cheering Eleanor on as she flew past!
Eleanor rocked the bird costume every time she ran~ The rest of us just put them on at the end.
Heather passing to Susie for our final leg~
Our van drivers!
The amazing friends that watch you cross the finish line!

The whole team after the race! So amazing!