Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My favorite day~

I think this may have been my favorite day in Italy~ At least one of the top! Although they were all pretty amazing.
I took a day trip to the Tuscan area, we toured a winery that is also a very old and beautiful castle. After the tour we all got on bicycles and rode about 7 miles, then stopped for an incredible lunch and rode 7 miles back.
About half way through the ride, we stopped to take photos and have some water. I looked around in complete awe....I could not believe I was standing in the Tuscan country side riding a bike through such a beautiful place.
It truly felt like a dream.
Looking back through all of my photos is making my heart hurt~ I miss it. I miss traveling and will have to put it off for a while until I get some college under my belt and some money saved somehow~
I long for travel. I feel it in my heart and my soul.
Here are some photos from that tour~ I hope to go back and do something like this again someday!

This was the name of my bike :)

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  1. Beautiful.....and the scenery is beautiful, too! ;)