Wednesday, June 13, 2012

...a few things...

I have a few things to post about before I finish my Italy posts~

Last week I officially started my first college class on this new journey of going back to school. I am only taking one class this summer, it is Dance and Culture. It is a great class so far. We will watch some performances this summer, write a few papers and learn about different cultures and dance. I will update as the semester goes on.

Friday morning, very early, my team of 12 amazing women will begin our 36 hour relay adventure! There are 12 women on the team and each of us will run 3 legs beginning Friday morning and going non-stop through Saturday evening. There are 2 Vans, each with 6 runners and a driver. That is pretty much where you live for the duration, unless, of course, you are running!
Wish us luck. My legs total about 13-14 miles. I have been training quite and hope I do well!
I will post about it after and update how it goes!
Happy Wednesday!