Monday, October 10, 2011

My first time canning~

Today my best friend and I decided to try our luck at canning Raspberry Salsa and Jalapeno jelly. She had tried the jalapeno jelly a few weeks ago and it turned out great so we thought we would try a few more things. And with my current addiction to homemade salsa and buying out the Farmers Market 2 times a week :) it seemed like a good way to spend the Sunday!
They turned out great~ Here are a few photos from our canning adventure~


  1. I've always wanted to try canning, just haven't got there yet. These look amazingly yummy!!

  2. I have never tried canning but I want to try it someday. I don't know anyone who does canning so maybe I will try it when I meet someone that is into canning. I love salsa maybe I can try canning some salsa some day.

  3. OOO I want to learn how to can. I have some of the supplies to can but I haven't tried anything yet. I should probably hit the farmers market, get some stuff and give it a try. :)