Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Farmers Market addiction...

The season is winding down but my addiction is increasing! I am not sure what I will do when the Farmers Market ends but for now I am making fresh salsa...
sliced tomatoes, basil and mozzarella...
fresh pears with cran-pear white vinegar ... etc...etc... a few times a week. I am not sure if I am craving all of this fresh produce because my body is healing but I am really loving it!

~ Complimented by a new local discovery~Millcreek Olive Oil...


  1. What's interesting to me is that your farmers market season is ending, and ours just started last week. lol. All depends on where we live, I guess. lol

  2. I need to visit our Farmer's Market more often!
    P.S....You are such a great photog....your skilz are amazing!

  3. Nothing like fresh locally grown produce. YUM!!!