Tuesday, April 26, 2011

When you can't beat it.....

When there is nothing you can do to control the rain that continues to fall...
Buy rain boots! :)


  1. Yes! Love this idea!
    I bought 2 pairs a year or 2 ago and am in LOVE with them! (though I was overseas when we had the torrential rain and flooding, so my boots are yet to be used properly! I just wear them for fun! hehe)

  2. ♥....I need some of those in STL!

  3. Those are so fabulous and fun. I like! :)

  4. Hey lady!
    Just spent the last part of last week in Vegas and guess who was out there with her parents at the same time? MISTY!!! We had a great time catching up and I actually flew through SLC on our way home...don't be mad I didn't call you b/c we were only there for an hour. But hey, I can say I've been to Utah now. :) Hope all is going well w/you. If you need sunshine come on down to TX b/c we are sweltering down here already!