Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's here....

In less than 36 hours I will lace up my shoes, double check the list of things I think I should take, patiently wait by the front door until they get here to pick me up..... And nervously head to the start line of the 13.1 Mile Salt Lake City Half Marathon.....
I cannot believe it is here already.
Anticipation comes to me in the middle of the night~ I wonder how in the world I got here...A runner....One of the only things I know I can identify myself as in the current moment of my life, not much else is clear these days.
I cannot wait to stand next to my best friend and look at her and smile and know that this is how we have gotten this far in our 36 years on earth. She has been by my side since I was 15 years old. Standing next to me through all of the good and the bad, through all of my mistakes and lessons, through the laughter and tears...
I will look at her that morning before we cross the starting line and know that I am such a lucky person to have her in my life.

(picture taken about 5 years ago, we need an updated photo)!

Heather, I am so proud of you~ Thank you for jumping on board with me last Fall when I asked if you wanted to start running and train for a 5K~ I am so grateful for the time we have spent over the past 5 and a half months, pushing ourselves to this moment. Even when the running turned into walking, where we simply talked about life.
I cannot tell you how proud I am of you and how grateful I am for you in my life!
We will cross the start, and the finish line together!
Thank you for your support in my life over the past 21 years!
I love you and I am so thankful for you!
And I am so very proud of you!


  1. Good luck Tiffany! I cant wait to hear how you've done!

  2. Hope it went great...thinking of you. That is so cool to have a best friend to run with!

  3. I was thinking about you yesterday... how did it go?!?!

  4. HOW WAS IT!!!! I can't WAIT to hear!!

  5. I have been away from the blogs for a bit because life is nuts sometimes but this was a lovely post. I hope the run went well for you. HUGS!