Thursday, July 10, 2014


Over the past 5 years since the death of my beautiful mom I have found myself wondering what my true purpose is in this life. I have felt a strong desire from deep within my heart to be able to do something, to be someone, to give somehow, to figure out my purpose. I still am in exactly the same mental place of wonderment.
Each day that passes, I find myself having the same internal conversations. "Should I continue to go to school? Is it worth it to accumulate more student loans? After 2 years I still have no answers, no idea of what direction I would take it. Tens years at the same job and with no where else to grow, what are my options?"
I feel like there is another route for me, I am just not sure exactly what my route looks like.
Everything starts with just one step,maybe this is the first step in finding out what my purpose is. I think it could be!
Have you found your purpose?
The route that speaks to and from your soul?

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