Monday, March 5, 2012


Today my beautiful grandmother on my dads side is celebrating her 101st birthday!
She looks the same as she did when I was a child. She is so amazing!
I cannot imagine what she has seen and experienced in 101 years of life!
Happy Birthday Grandma!
The photos are taken with my phone a few weeks ago when I went to see her. She was making cross stitched panels for a quilt!



  1. Happy Birthday to your grandma! It is so cool to hear that she just turned 101! Wow, I cannot even imagine all the changes she has witnessed during her entire lifetime. I wonder if there was an event that was truly shocking to her.

  2. These are such wonderful photos, Tiffany :)
    Happy Birthday to your Grandma!!!


  3. What an amazing accomplishment! Happy 101st Birthday to your cool Grandma!!

  4. Blessed her heart, I wish I can keep doing my crafty stuff if I get to be 101! Happy Belated Birthday!