Saturday, December 11, 2010

When what you need

arrives in the mail in the form of a is weird...
I swear this is what I needed to see the day it came last week. I thought "how did they know I needed this right now"?
I am looking forward to setting aside a little time to look through this article and see what they suggest...for making next year happier!
Plus, Sunflowers are my very favorite so I knew even more it was sent to me for a reason!


  1. i'm curious to know what those 9 things are!
    i'll have to see if i can find that issue.
    and, my real reason to come to your blog today is to thank you so much for the wonderful scarf that i won in your giveaway. it's fabulous. i wear it everyday with each of my (some say too many) coats and it's perfect. (it's getting really cold here.)
    thanks again! love mel

  2. That would be interesting to know what those 9 things are....share it with us sometime.

  3. Love it! Sometimes the things you need most show up when you least expect it. That's awesome!