Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Shadow of The Wind....

Thanks to being on I had my mom sign up there too~ And now I have even more treasures. She reviewed about 6 books and it makes me happy to know that I know what she would recommend and what she thought of them...
This is one I am reading now~ I am only on chapter 4 but I love it so far.
Here is her review of this book quoted from her goodreads.
"This is my all time favorite book selection. I highly recommend it" ~Rena Traub
Have you read it? Let me know what you think if or when you do!


  1. Oh I haven't read it, but I am always looking for good books to read! I will definetly look into gett in gthat book to read :)

    I posted your card (not the note), on my last post :) I sent you a card a few days ago in the mail too, hope you get it soon! :D


  2. i loved this book because it was a mystery, the characters and story so rich and it created that feeling i get when i am lost in a good bookstore or library that is difficult to describe but comes close to falling in love. you feel like there are others who share that same passion when you read this. plus, it is a hopeful story. glad you found it. and recommended it. hope you continue to enjoy it. and to write.