Saturday, February 27, 2010

cards and paintings....

My mom was such an amazing artist~ Most recently she had truly mastered watercolor...She would take her paintings and have cards printed before she had them framed. I was lucky enough to get 2 of her paintings not yet framed and had cards made from them before I took them in to the frame shop~ (The cards do not do the paintings justice). The paintings are simply beautiful, so full of details and just amazing...
Here are a few photos of the cards I had made~ They are so incredibly special to me!


  1. i have my card in a special place. i love it because it is beautiful, inspiring, from you and reminds me of your amazing story. thank you!

  2. Wow, those are beautiful. My mom and I took a watercolor class together. We weren't very good but it was so fun. You're lucky to have your mom's beautiful paintings.

  3. I love my card that you sent!! I still have it too! I put it in my keepsake box :) I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!!!

  4. Wow, those are so beautiful. What a wonderful way to remember and celebrate your mother. I hope I meet you via Happy Mail someday.