Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving...

For me this holiday has always been "my mom", there is no other way to describe it really. It was her favorite.
She would make a beautiful golden turkey. Stuffing cooked right inside the bird. Oh the cranberries...YUM... Homemade with the slightest hint of orange.
Her pumpkin pie was simply delicious.
Her open arms welcomed all of us, one by one, as we arrived to the comfort of her home.
Her smile was always warm and accepting, I miss it. I miss her guidance and patience.
My heart is still broken from the loss of my beautiful mother.
Today I will go to my best friends home and have Thanksgiving with her wonderful family. I am grateful for the open arms of my amazing friends, who are my family. I will think silently of my loving mom and smile, knowing that she is probably not too far away.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Hug your loved ones extra long today.
Enjoy your holiday sweet friends.

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  1. Beautiful post.....tears welling up in my eyes. (Praying for you, my friend.) Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.