Wednesday, March 23, 2011

There are days like these......

Where I miss her even more~ Where I wish that I could call her and talk to her and cry to her and have her tell me things will be ok ~ And that the decisions I am faced with in life are the right ones for me even though they can be so very hard....
I want to call her and hear her voice today... and every day. There is simply no good reason that I cannot do that.
I miss her~ I miss her~ I miss her~ I don't face that enough...
I put a smile on my face and get up and go to work and pretend that things are fine, even when they are not ~ because that is the way the world works. Nothing stops for death and sadness or loss of any kind. It just keeps going and we are only given the option to move forward...
I ran across these words in a book the other day and grabbed my journal to write them down because they could not be more true....
"sorrow is a solitary road" (Isabel Allende in Paula)


  1. Feeling your pain.....and praying for you to find peace amidst the sorrow.

  2. My heart is with you. I know EXACTLY how you feel. Thank you for sharing such a true quote. Going to record that in my book. xoxo

  3. Sending huge love your way, I'm here for you xox

  4. I am thinking of you. You had such a beautifully close relationship with your mom. Not everyone does. It is a gift.