Sunday, March 6, 2011

100 years....

Yesterday my beautiful grandma turned 100 years old.
This is my dads mother~ Ezna Greene!
She was born on March 5th 1911~ Can you imagine all the changes she has seen in her lifetime...
It amazes me~
She is the sweetest thing~ So smart and witty!
I am so lucky to have her in my life! She is the only grandparent I have ever known~ I love her so much!
Happy Birthday Grandma~

There were so many people there to see her that I had to sneak in and have my cousin take a photo of us! I felt like I was attempting to get my photo taken with a celebrity! :)
She said her secret to living such a long life is just to be happy! Not to worry about things and be happy!


  1. Wow! That is sooooo awesome!!!! Happy Birthday to her!!

  2. it.....Happy birthday to your wonderful Grandma!

  3. That's incredible!
    She would have seen some amazing changes!
    Happy Birthday to her x

  4. wow wow wow your grandma looks so wonderful. Happy belated birthday to her. What amazing stories she must have. Xx

  5. That is seriously SO precious. Oh my word. Happy birthday to your sweet grandmother!

  6. How did I miss this post? Oh wow Tiffany, Happy Belated Birthday Grandma, my Nana is 80 this year and boy would she love to swap stories with someone older than her!!! Oh my! I hope she had a wonderful day!
    Lots of love xox