Saturday, February 19, 2011

18 months....

I remember this day last year wondering how we had made it through 6 months without my beautiful mom. I cannot believe an entire year and a half has gone by without her.

I'm looking at a photo of you, mom. Wondering how I got to be so lucky in this lifetime to be your daughter.
You are loved and missed equally as much today as the very first day you were gone.
Sometimes I still wonder how in the world I can go on another day without you, though I know I have to~ We continue to get up and face each morning with a huge piece of ourselves missing. It is hard to describe to someone else. But the loss of you is so great that I feel it inside my heart every single minute or every single day.
I know that I have to continue to adjust my life without you physically here, but it is only because I know you are always with me that I can do anything!
I love you mom~
Always your daughter,


  1. I didn't realize that's what today was but you've been on my mind all day long. Thinking of you today and praying for you! Love you! xoxo

  2. Thinking of you and praying for you....

  3. Wow. A year and half, I can hardly see myself there. Over the past months that I have known you, you have truly inspired me with your passion to LIVE, because of your loss. It's taken me a while, but I'm slowly beginning to feel that. I'm ready to LIVE again, because of my loss. I know (and expect) that the pain of loss will always be with me. But the joy of remembering and keeping them alive within us... that is something to smile about!
    As always, my heart is with you Tiffany!! On this day, and every day. Thank you for being such a strong woman, and a person to turn to for understanding and compassion. You are beautiful!