Friday, September 10, 2010

Studio/room for treadmill :)

This is the second bedroom. I need to reinvent this space to be somewhere that I can create and feel inspired. Any ideas?

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  1. OK - I'll wade in on this one. I am no expert by any stretch but this is what I think. The picture of the dancer (at least I think that's what she is) is absolutely charming and should be lower and I would change out the candles so all three are the same colour - say, cream. I love the wicker boxes in the corner bit would have less on them - like one tall thing in the background and then one photo? Or only one substantial thing. and I would move the things on the floor beside it. (If you could see my sewing room you would laugh out loud at me but it's that old "Do as I say" thing. Anyhow, lastly, I would change out darker fabrics with lighter ones where you can - dark is cozy but light is peaceful, at least to me. I hope I haven't offended at all. I think you have some lovely things in that room that just need their spot to shine!