Sunday, August 15, 2010

The supportive blogging world~

I have been reading blogs for a few years now but over the past year since I started this blog, I have "met" some really incredible people!
It started with meeting Jamie, we were paired up to do a gift swap from another blog. Jamie has an amazing thing that she does along with cutest Lindsay ~ It is called Happy Mail! (which now has its own blog) and every month you are paired with someone new and you send a card by the 10th and a package of fun gifts by the 20th. It is so great and has helped me so much over the past year. I have met some really incredible women.
I also "met" Kellie, She has started a penpal project which has been awesome. I LOVE snail mail! It has been great to come home to beautiful letters in the mail every day from all over the globe!
I have signed up for an amazing art journaling class from another amazing woman named Janel! Here is the link for more info on the class~

(I hate to admit that I have not been very good at doing this, I try to journal in the morning for 10 minutes, but the art journaling has proved hard for me to do at 5:45am, I sadly misspelled Welcome on my very first page,shhh don't tell anyone...:) and noticed 3 days later, I will devote more time to this when I can spend a lot more time being creative with journaling and not just writing!) :) But I had to share because it is awesome and has helped me too!
I know I am not mentioning everyone, but I just wanted to start with this for now and Thank all of the amazing friends I have made in the amazing blogging world!
Oh and this is also a fun one that I just finished, I have not gotten my film from my partner yet but when I do I will be sure to post her photos too!
Love this whole idea!

Oh and I can't leave this out! I just signed up a few weeks ago and have sent a few things to my first secret pal~

I got an amazing blog comment that was so amazing from the person who had me and she sent me a great package with a dragonfly stamp, my favorite! Thanks Katie!!
My last gift package from (a different) Katie for July Happy Mail....

If you want to feel like you are a part of something~ Any and all of these things are so great! I highly recommend joining them. I cannot tell you how much this has helped me over the past year.
Thank you to all of you amazing and supportive friends I have made in blog land!


  1. Yay!! Love you ;) this post makes my heart happy!!!

  2. You are so welcome! I wish that I could send people little things that make me think of them all the time :)

  3. loooove this post! and wow- youre a part of some awesome groups- im gonna have to look more into some of them!! and im so glad were pen pals, blogger pals, and actual pals! one day we'll need to be skype pals ane meet in RL too! :)

  4. Aw so sweet!! I agree, I've met the most amazing people. I'm sending you a Happy Mail treat tomorrow!! :)

  5. glad you like it!!!! Loved yours even more!!! (card is on the way... just gotta move this weekend and them im -Katie