Sunday, July 4, 2010

One of my favorite things about Summer and Fall...

The local Farmers Market!! I simply love it! I love to get up early on a Saturday morning and head to The Farmers Market here in beautiful Salt Lake City! It has been one of my favorite things for years~ I went for the first time with my mom years ago when it was just a few vendors with a few veggies. Now it is pretty much a Farmers Market extravaganza! And I love it just the same~
I love the crowds.
I love the funky people watching.
I love the smells.
I love getting a cup of coffee and trying to figure out where to put it when I buy something from a vendor.
I love carrying too many bags and having them make marks in my arms~
I even love trying to find parking, even though it may not seem like it while I am circling the block! :)
I simply love everything about it.
A goal of mine lately has been to take my camera to more places and start using it for myself again.
~ Here are a few photos I took at the Market yesterday!
Happy 4th!

I set my camera on the ground for this one and I love it! :)

This is one of my best friends Andrew~ He is a fairly new blogger and his blog is should check it out!


  1. AH I love it! You have such talent. The pictures are beautiful. Our farmers market is pretty small here but the stuff we got from it was awesome. I love really fresh fruits and veggies. YUM! :)

  2. I love Farmer's Markets too and every year I wonder why I don't go to all of them! We do have a lot of them in our area as it is farming country but still... My favourite photo was the one of the peas!

  3. great photos of a wonderful summertime treat.

  4. awesome photos! enjoyed your friend's blog.

  5. I agree! I love those things too! Thanks for the cute pic too! Farmers Market this Saturday?

  6. I'm with you on Farmer's Markets. I love the pie... I just love hard working people who take pride in what they do. PS thanks for leaving such a sweet comment on "Inspired Mess'" post about me :) It made my day!

  7. my husband and i go to the farmers market every saturday morning-- i love it!
    p.s. i'm a fellow pen pal!