Monday, May 24, 2010

I did it....

I have taken the first steps in overcoming my fear of writing!!
I signed up for this online journaling class~ It started on May 10th! I have been waking up at least 15 minutes early every day to write in my journal!! I am not where I want to be but this is a journey and I have started the ride!
This coming Saturday I will be meeting with some incredible women to write as well~ I real life writing group! I am so excited to put my pen on paper and simply....


  1. Good for you, it's so exciting when you embark on a new creative journey!! :0)

  2. YAY! So excited to hear you've started this. I think it will be great. You're totally right you just have to start and see where it takes you. That's awesome!

  3. yay im so happy for you!! You have the prettiest handwriting!!!!!!

  4. How exciting...I've always wanted to sign up for a journaling class. Enjoy it!

  5. How exciting!! I'm so glad for you. I'm really enjoying Stephanie's class - definitely gives me food for thought and I'm trying to journal every day - it's very healing and I'm remembering how much I used to write as a kid. Enjoy your new group - what a huge step!

  6. Good for you! Writing is wonderful therapy! I do it every single day! Your handwriting is very pretty.