Monday, July 20, 2015

I have been challenged... to write

My friend Nic and I have been hiking the past month and a half or so and we talk and talk and talk....
We have begun to call it "hiking therapy" because we get out in the beautiful mountain air and talk about everything.
The past Saturday we did a 4 hour hike to Red Pine Lake in Little Cottonwood canyon. During our hike he asked if I had been writing. I can't even recall that I mentioned to him that I enjoyed writing and that it helped me process through the tough times but I must have and I am so glad I did. When he asked if I had been writing lately all I could say was "no". I had to look inside myself for the "why". That is always the hard question to ask myself; "Why have I not been writing?" I can't even find a solid reason. I wonder if it is just simply because I am afraid of the things I would write if I put my pen to paper. Am I afraid to face the things that are going on inside of me?
Why does fear keep us inside ourselves when we know how much it would help to get it out.
Hiking therapy has been great. And I feel that I can again be held accountable, even just every now and again, to acknowledge even the small steps taken.
Next time he asks me if I have been writing I will be able to say "yes", if even just a little.

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