Sunday, March 3, 2013

....welcome March....

I am welcoming March with open arms this year. I feel like I am ready for Spring and sunshine more than ever before. This Winter proved to be a difficult one for me. Lots of snow and freezing cold days, inversion and sunless months, long days and sleepless nights....I seemed to be wearing a cloak of sorrow for a few months that I simply could not shake. The past ten days or so have seemed to lighten a lot. This morning I could see the sunlight peeking though my blinds ~ The warm light was a welcomed sight and I got out of bed with a new outlook. A familiar one that seemed to be hidden in some darkness. Today I put my running shoes on, unzipped and removed my heavy coat of excuses and ran! I ran to the park where I met my friend Rachelle and we walked and talked for a while, then I ran back home. It felt great. So liberating to be able to feel like myself in a small way again. It is strange how sometimes you can feel so lost, so sad and down and almost not even realize how low you had been until you have a few days that feel good again.
Spring is coming and I am ecstatic for the change...
In the weather and inside my heart and mind~

This photo may not look like much but I have not seen ground without snow for so long that even dead grass and dirt looks amazing right now...


  1. no way! I love the photo. So much texture!
    Happy March!

  2. Your snow must have come our way! ;)
    Happy Spring! :)