Friday, November 2, 2012

English Research Paper.....

I am writing my final English paper of the semester and this one is a research paper.  My topic is "Negative (and positive) effects of Facebook on lives.  I need your help
I am attaching an online survey that I would love to have everyone fill out.  I would also love some stories...
Good and bad. If you or anyone you know has any stories of how Facebook has positively or negatively affected your life I would love to hear your story!
I was a fan of Facebook for a few years, but about 2 years ago I reluctantly disabled my Facebook in hopes of helping my marriage by getting rid of some distractions.  Unfortunately things still did not work out, but I know now that I am not the biggest fan of Facebook.  I think it is a giant distraction in life. And I don't think I will ever activate a Facebook account again.  I want to connect with people in my life in person, or on the phone, or by writing a letter.  Sure, I do miss daily updates of friends from out of state etc, but overall I think there is a huge lack of human connection and there seems to be only partial truth that is shared.
I would love a few volunteers to help me in my project by agreeing to disable your Facebook account for 3-5 days (it is very easy to enable it again).  Please email me if you would like to try this ~
Or email me with any stories, negative or positive.
Also, if you are not on Facebook I would love to know why and how you have avoided the pressure of signing up!
Thank you everyone! I really appreciate your time and help~ :)


  1. I'm willing to try this. How do I de-activate my FB account? I have mixed feelings about FB. It's nice to see what old high school and college friends are up to, but it can be time consuming and addicting. I am willing to try the experiment and let you know what I think.

    1. Janet, you are the best! Thanks for wanting to try! You go under account settings and find deactivate, you go back to the same place to reactivate with nothing lost! :) just back to where you left off! If you do it email me and let me know! Also let me know if you get this reply! :) thank you again!!!

  2. Took the survey but I can't deactivate. We use FB to communicate for work so I need to know what's going on. I do have mixed feelings about FB but I have connected with old friends I never thought I'd see again which is nice. I also have some relatives in HI and it's awesome to watch them and their kids grow up.

  3. Well, here are my findings after 5 days of no FB.
    1) Glad I did it. I'm still not reactivating at this time.
    2) Only 1 person even noticed that I wasn't on FB.
    3) Missed not knowing what my friends/family were doing but happy not to see the strange comments that some of my "friends" post.
    4) Haven't decided yet whether I am going back or not.
    5) I think fb might be adding fuel to this narcissistic society in which we find ourselves.

  4. Ok, I'm going to do another experiment and go back on fb for a few days and see what happens. :)

  5. I wish I would have seen this! I would have loved to participate! So glad it turned out so well :)