Thursday, May 31, 2012

The photo doesn't look like much....

Looking back through the pictures I remember taking this shot~
It is a terrible photo but what it represents was something so special to me. It was cloudy that afternoon, I was at The Roman Forum just after leaving The Colosseum. It started to rain pretty hard, so I ducked underneath an area of ruin with about 8 other people squeezed awkwardly in a very small space. I wish I had turned around and taken a photo of the actual space when I left it but I didn't. It was basically about a 6 foot high arched shaped cubby with a faucet and large sink full of water, there was moss all around and vines hanging from the inside and out around the arch.
I was inside looking out at such an amazing place and thinking how lucky I was to have gotten such an incredible opportunity to travel and experience all of this.
I started to think about my mom, and my tears fell silently with the rain. There was something so special about that moment. I think my mom was right there with me.
It was a moment that I needed and one that I will never forget.


  1. Very very interesting! I am willing to bet you $1,000 that I have a picture of that room. It sounds just like something Charles and I saw...