Sunday, February 12, 2012

Kale chips...

My first try at Kale chips~ YUM! They are so light and crispy they melt in your mouth.
I first heard of these in September at my physical therapy office when I was obsessed with the Farmers Market, one of the girls there told me about them. Then I found the recipe in a magazine that I have had marked for months. Last week a girl at my work made some and told me about them so I thought it was time to give them a try!
Super easy, healthy and delicious!

M~mid way through baking time (12-15 minutes)~

~Recipe from Whole Living magazine~

~Kale Chips~


  1. Can you believe I have YET to try to make these!! Haven't been much in the cooking mood, but it's coming back around. Gonna put this on the top of my list!! xoxo

  2. Oh how interesting! I can't wait for you to make those for me!!! LOL

  3. They looked so good...yummy! I will keep them in mind next time I want chips! BTW, I got the card... many thanks!

  4. You are quite the "Suzy Homemaker."
    (Hope you had a good Valentine's Day, my friend.)

  5. I have been wanting to try these... I will definitely have to try them now!


    p.s. You look absolutely adorable in the "license plate" photos :)

  6. I have heard these are aweome. I need to give them a try. :-)

  7. My friend introduced me to make chips lat summer and I love them! And so easy... Was just thinking... It's been a while since we did lunch!