Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hand update again....

So it has been nearly 4 months since the "Incident" with my kitchen knife and surgery a few days later. I severed 2 tendons in my left middle finger~ Yup...THAT finger! :)
The Dr only repaired one tendon...
25 sessions of physical therapy...3 more Dr appointments... and roughly $3000 out of pocket...
I am still without much movement in my finger. The tendon does not pull right and there is a big bulge in the middle of my hand ~ The options now are to go in and do another surgery to remove scar tissue and hope for slightly more movement or to continue on the with way it is and get use to my hand the way it is.
It has been a very difficult decision honestly. I think at this point I don't think I can put myself through another surgery with an outcome that may or may not be better. I am not emotionally, financially, physically or mentally ready to do it again. I have decided to pass on another surgery at this point and see how things continue to go with my "new" hand!
Here are a few photos of my MRI~ You can see scar tissue at the base of my middle finger ~ The tendon disappears under the muck. I am not sure what you can see in the middle of my hand that is preventing so much but it is there, trust me! :)
Anyone out there have any experience with tendon repair?
And yes...without the help of my other fingers pulling the middle one down~ I do have a permanent bird! You gotta laugh at some of it because there is not much else to do! :)

Remember to listen to people in your life when they tell you to be careful cutting things... I had no idea I could ever do this much damage with one small poke of a knife.


  1. Oh you poor darling. :( I'm so so sorry!

    It's 2011, people!! Surely something will come around that can help. Praying you are feeling better soon.

  2. :(
    I went to take the plastic ring off a milk jug the other day, and I thought of you and used a fork instead of a knife.

    P.S...I'm glad you still have your sense of humor! :)

  3. I cannot believe this happened four months ago. I hope you are able to regain movement in that finger.

  4. Wow the pics of your hand are crazy. Thanks for the update. I do always think twice when using knives now. I also love your humor about things. I guess sometimes you just have to laugh to keep from crying. I hope things keep healing and getting better.

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your hand! I hope that you regain movement in it. I'm happy to see you're keeping a positive outlook on life, though. Have a safe and happy holiday season! :)

  6. That is seriously insane. I can't believe a little slip of a knife did that!
    Thanks for your guest post. I loved it.